The trailer contains references to mental health and other issues that may be distressing to some. Viewer discretion is advised.

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The Great Separation is a ground-breaking social insights documentary that follows protagonist Joey Fry on his journey to understand loneliness and connection, guided by experts along the way. The film has been created with the directorial oversight of award-winning filmmaker Shannon Swan and cultural observer Simon Hammond.

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In a world more designed to pull us apart than unite us, what can we do to reconnect to our innate human need to live life together?


At age 23, Joey felt so alone he attempted to take his own life. He awoke in the ICU 6 days later to find his right leg had been amputated. This same feeling of isolation and loneliness now effects 1 in 4 Australians. Now fully recovered from the experience, Joey searches for answers as to why it happened to him and how he can stop it happening again. Can we find a way to live together, as united communities, to fight loneliness and reconnect in a world that is designed to pull us apart?


Meet the experts from the documentary:

Hugh Mackay AO

Australia’s leading social researcher

Dr Michelle Lim

Chair | Ending Loneliness Together

Andrew Dawson

Anthropologist | University of Melbourne

Stephen Dark

Urban Development Institute

Dr Simon Hammond

Professor of Brand Strategy and Belonging

Paul Gardner

Business Strategy, Brand and Marketing

Dr Ali Walker

Human Connection Scientist

Dr Rebecca Dredge

Clinical Psychologise, Expert in Social Media

Allan and Barbara Pease

Australia’s leading experts in Body Language

Professor Selena Bartlett

Neuroscientist | University of Brisbane

Follow Joey's journey since the making of The Great Separation.

Joey Snow

The fresh outlook Joey now views the world through has led to incredible experiences, headlined by a chance meeting while skiing which resulted in an invitation to take part in Snow Australia's Para Futures Program, a talent identification initiative from the governing body.

Joey has now set a goal to qualify for the 2026 Winter Paralympic Games in Milano.

If you’d like to support his goal, he has set up a Go Fund Me page

Joey Snow